Pirelli presents PZERO: Industrial design project for clothing

An across-the-board design with a high-tech spirit. A fusion of marketing and fashion with strong roots anchored in industrial design. And above all a long history that began back in 1877 right outside Milan, when Pirelli introduced its first catalogue of "outerwear, coats and heavy jackets for travelers, coachmen and soldiers." Waterproof, hurricane-tested garments that made a revolutionary use of rubber, the company's favorite material, accompanied by a range of specialized accessories - from spats for drivers to kitchen aprons.

A hundred and twenty-five years after its first experiment, in 2002 it launched a design with an experimental soul and a new brand name, streamlining its tall P into aerodynamic proportions and decorating it with a little zero: the PZERO design. It began with just two products that were destined to become cult items: a sailing shoe, the PIRELLI PZERO Acqua, and a jacket with futuristic performance, the PIRELLI PZERO Aria. Today the design has a new, experimental, high-tech spirit that reflects a world of glamour, sexiness and fashion: the hallmark of the PIRELLI brand.

Imported for Pirelli

Cara 03 Cara 03
Nash 12 Nash 12
Pzero Rex 46 Pzero Rex 46
Pzero Rex 15 Pzero Rex 15
Ginger 04 Ginger 04
Clapton 71 Clapton 71
Charlize 02 Charlize 02
Cara K 03 Cara K 03
Image Photo 1 Image Photo 2 Image Photo 3



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