Fratelli Rossetti

Founded in 1953, Calzaturificio FRATELLI ROSSETTI S.p.A., is located in Parabiago, one of the most important Italian manufacturing centres, in close proximity to Milan. The core of the production, the sales, administration and financial departments, and the styling and product design office are all housed in the company headquarters.

In 2003 Fratelli Rossetti celebrated an important milestone: fifty years of activity, a long chronicle of passion and dedication that has led to the affirmation of a brand which is synonymous with quality and style in Italy and abroad. Several factors have contributed to the consolidation of the success of Fratelli Rossetti, foremost of which is the great importance the company places on the product, with continuous investment into stylistic and technical research permitting the attainment of excellent results in the price/quality ratio.

More than half a century of great achievements have involved two generations, from Renzo Rossetti, the company’s founder, to his sons Diego, Dario and Luca who represent the present and the future, having been promoted to the leadership of the firm in 2003.

One shoe, more than a hundred working phases

Every item of Fratelli Rossetti footwear is a little work of art produced by master craftsmen. Each one requires over a hundred working phases: from the design of the model to its manufacture, every phase is carried out in the workshops in Parabiago, just outside Milan.

Craftsmanship, research and design are combined to create excellence in a product that conserves all the genuine essence of a handmade item. The Fratelli Rossetti philosophy, which is both traditional and innovative at the same time, has always been to offer a high quality product.

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