Cesare Paciotti

Giuseppe Paciotti founded the company in 1948 and started a production of a mens classic line, completely hand made and finished, that was called Paris. With the help of his wife Cecilia, he directed the factory and personally supervised the production process with peculiar care of all the details.

In 1980 his son Cesare Paciotti become CEO of the company and decides to realize the first collection with the label Cesare Paciotti.

The operating management of his sister Paola combined with Cesare inspiration is the result of the enormous recognition that the line Cesare Paciotti obtains, where elegance and quality combined translates in contemporary fashion. Fast enough, Cesare Paciotti is manufacturing shoes for Gianni Versace, Romeo Gigli, Dolce & Gabbana ans Roberto Cavalli.

In 1990 the company decide to take an additional and important step and expand lady's collection. Few years after company present sport line 4US.

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